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VisUI 1.1.0 Released

PSA: Please use hot fix version 1.1.1 as it fixes NullPointerException in FileChooser.

VisUI 1.1.0 was released.

Version: 1.1.0 (LibGDX 1.9.3)

  • API Moved: JNAFileDeleter was moved to vis-ui-contrib project
  • API Deprecated: FileChooser.setFavoritesPrefsName() replaced by FileChooser.setDefaultPrefsName()
  • API Changed: GridGroup is now taking float for item size instead of int.
    • Warning: There were two constructors GridGroup (float spacing) and GridGroup (int itemSize). Constructor taking float spacing was removed. Constructor taking int item size now takes float.
  • API Changed: Refactored FileChoose.FileIconProvider, new methods added. #provideIcon takes FileChooser.FileItem, was FileHandle
  • API Changed: Refactored VisCheckBox
    • Style was refactored to separate checkbox background and tick drawable (see below for full skin drawables changes)
    • VisCheckBoxStyle now extends TextButtonStyle, was CheckBox (fields was renamed to properly communicate their functions)
    • getImage() removed, use getBackgroundImage() or getTickImage()
    • getImageCell() removed, use getImageStackCell()
    • protected getCheckboxImage() removed, override getCheckboxBgImage() or getCheckboxTickImage()
    • getStyle() returns VisCheckBoxStyle, was CheckBoxStyle
  • Added: default styles for ImageButton and ImageTextButton. Note: this is only applies to standard scene2d widgets. VisUI widgets equivalents (VisImageButton, VisImageTextButton) already had them.
  • Added: SimpleFormValidator#validate
  • Added: ToastManager, Toast, ToastTable
  • Added: VisTextField read-only mode (VisTextField#setReadOnly(boolean))
  • Added: TabbedPane#getUIOrderedTabs()
  • Added: FileChooser#setFavoriteFolderButtonVisible(true) - FileChooser now can display ‘add folder to favorites’ button in the toolbar
  • Added: FileChooser#setPrefsName()
  • Added: FileTypeFilter, FileChooser#setFileTypeFilter(...)
  • Added: MenuItem#getSubMenuIconCell() and MenuItem#getShortcutCell()
  • Added: VisTextField#setEnterKeyFocusTraversal(boolean)
  • Added: VisTextField#setCursorPercentHeight
  • Added: PopupMenuListener
  • Added: PopupMenu#showMenu (Stage stage, Actor actor)
  • Added: ConstantIfVisibleValue
  • Added: Sizes#borderSize
  • Added: Sizes#fileChooserViewModeBigIconsSize, fileChooserViewModeMediumIconsSize, fileChooserViewModeSmallIconsSize, fileChooserViewModeListWidthSize
  • Changed: #169 - TabbedPane#getTable() returns TabbedPaneTable (holds reference to TabbedPane and allow to easily get its cells for customization)
  • Changed: FileChooser now tries to maintain selection while rebuilding file list
  • Changed: FileChooser will now select new folder after creating it
  • Changed: FileChooser will be automatically refreshed when added to Stage
  • Changed: FileChooser when typing file names manually suggestion will be showed
  • Changed: TabbedPane’s Tab now can’t be dragged using it’s close button
  • Changed: Synced VisTextField ans VisTextArea with equivalents of those classes libgdx
  • Changed: PopupMenu now support menu navigation using arrows keys
  • Changed: PopupMenu now optionally takes Sizes instance (added constructor PopupMenu (Sizes sizes, PopupMenuStyle style))
  • Removed deprecated API: NumberSelector - replaced by Spinner
  • Removed deprecated API: Sizes#numberSelectorButtonSize, numberSelectorButtonsWidth, numberSelectorFieldSize, numberSelectorFieldRightPadding
  • Fixed: Sizes.buttonBarSpacing was ignored by ButtonBar
    • Added: constructors ButtonBar(Sizes sizes, String order) and ButtonBar(Sizes sizes)
  • Fixed: TabbedPane layout when no separator image was used. Fixed misc issue with close button style on touch down.
  • Fixed: FileChooser NPE when error occurred during directory deleting
  • Fixed: FileChooser non empty directories are now deleted correctly when using default FileChooser deleter
  • Fixed: FileChooser crash when user manually entered path to file instead of directory
  • Fixed: FocusManager calling focusLost() when the widget that was already focused tried to gain focus again
  • Fixed: VisSplitPane was not implementing hit(...) which could result in widget that was underneath split pane’s handle get touch events
  • Fixed: Now it’s not possible to call VisWindow#fadeOut multiple times
  • Skin changes:
    • Changed: FileChooserStyle: added drawable fields: iconStar, iconStarOutline, iconRefresh, iconListSettings, expandDropdown
    • Added: drawable window-border-bg.9, icon-star, icon-star-outline, icon-refresh, icon-list-settings
    • Added: style BaseToastStyle
    • Added: VisTextField label style - if combined with read-only mode allows to create selectable labels
    • Updated: cursor drawable (cursor.9.png)
    • Removed: check-down-on, check-down, check-on-disabled, check-over-off, check-over-on, radio-down-on, radio-down, radio-on-disabled, radio-over-off, radio-over-on
    • Added: vis-check, vis-check-over, vis-check-down, vis-check-tick, vis-check-tick-disabled, vis-radio, vis-radio-over, vis-radio-down, vis-radio-tick, vis-radio-tick-disabled
  • I18N Changes:
    • FileChooser: added keys contextMenuRefresh, fileType, allFiles, changeViewMode, viewModeList, viewModeDetails, viewModeBigIcons, viewModeMediumIcons, viewModeSmallIcons
  • Misc: Added Gradle tasks to package VisUI skin textures and compile USL into JSON (gradlew :ui:compileSkin)