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VisUI 1.0.2 Released

VisUI 1.0.2 was released. Also checkout new vis-ui-contrib project which has more extensions for VisUI and some custom skins.

Version: 1.0.2 (LibGDX 1.9.2)

  • Changed: #163 - When VisCheckBox or VisTextField is disabled and is marked as invalid then error border won’t be drawn.
  • Changed: #163 - Added SimpleFormValidator#setTreatDisabledFieldsAsValid (and it’s getter) - allow to control whether to mark form as invalid when invalid but disabled field is encountered. If set to true then all disabled fields are treated as valid, regardless of their state.
    • Defaults to true! Set to false to preserve old behaviour.
  • API Changed: DragListener: Draggable argument was added to each method
  • API Deprecated: Sizes#numberSelectorButtonSize, numberSelectorButtonsWidth, numberSelectorFieldSize, numberSelectorFieldRightPadding replaced by spinnerButtonSize. spinnerButtonsWidth, spinnerFieldSize, spinnerFieldRightPadding
  • API Deprecated: NumberSelector - replaced by Spinner, NumberSelector will be removed in future version
  • Added: VisTextField#isTextSelected()
  • Added: VisTextField#clearText()
  • Added: FloatingGroup
  • Added: VisWindow#isKeepWithinParent and VisWindow#setKeepWithinParent
  • Added: constructor VisImage (String drawableName)
  • Added: VisUI.load(String internalVisSkinPath)
  • Added: VisTextField#setIgnoreEqualsTextChange(...) - see #165
  • Fixed: OptionDialog#set(...)ButtonText now updates dialog size
  • Fixed: #131 - fixed issue when copying numbers between VisTextFields with FloatDigitsOnlyFilter decimal point was lost
  • Fixed: ListView#AbstractListAdapter error on GWT
  • Fixed: VisTextField was changing system cursor when it was disabled
  • Fixed: #165 - fixed form not refreshed when text field content was changed to the same as before