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VisEditor 0.3.2 Released

VisEditor 0.3.2 was released. Download link

Editor Version: 0.3.2

  • Improved: Texture cache speed improved - new texture are available immediately after they are added to project assets. Fixes issues when large textures were loading infinitely.
  • Improved: Entity Properties will now show when field is locked and can’t be edited
  • Improved: When multiple entities are selected and ID is ambiguous then it will be marked in Entity Properties
  • Improved: If some scene assets are missing then dialog with missing files list will be showed
  • Added: #58 - Polygon auto tracing (available via Polygon Tool)
  • Added: Crash and internal exception reporter
  • Added: Option in default exporter to package separate texture atlas for each scene
  • Fixed: #130 - Exit dialog not showed on non Windows OSes
  • Fixed: Unable to open variables settings dialog for newly created scenes
  • Fixed: Minor bug: tabs panel wrong height
  • Fixed: Invisible TTF fonts
  • Fixed: Unable to change Z index and scale when using text entities with auto set origin to center enabled
  • Fixed: Undoing entity delete could place it at wrong position
  • Fixed: Crash when user tried to drag atlas region before any scene had been opened
  • Fixed: Twitter view URL parsing issues
  • Fixed: When opening new scene selection tool as used instead of currently active tool
  • Fixed: [https://github.com/kotcrab/vis-editor/issues/181] - invalid rotate and scale tools size when using non default pixels per unit values
  • Fixed: Error when opening project that doesn’t have vis/assets/gfx folder

Runtime Version: 0.3.2 (LibGDX 1.9.3, Artemis 1.3.1)

  • Updated to LibGDX 1.9.3
  • Updated Spine plugin to use spine-libgdx-runtime 3.2.0
  • Fixed: Changing entity tint could affect tint of all entities
  • Fixed: FitViewport was not applied when rendering
  • Fixed: Spine runtime was not allowing not use multiple instances of same animation with different scales
    • To get SpineAsset assets from AssetManager use spineAsset.getArbitrarySkeletonPath() instead of spineAsset.getSkeletonPath()
  • API Addition: Scene#getPixelsPerUnit(), #getWidth(), #getHeight()
  • API Addition: Tint#set(int rgba), Tint#set(float r, float g, float b, float a), Tint#set(Tint other)
  • API Addition: constructor VisSpriter (Loader<Sprite> loader, Data data, float scale, int entityIndex)