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Here is a list of almost all my projects. The newest ones are on the top.


Interactive MIPS disassembler and decompiler.

Source: Github


MIPS assembler that is invoked directly from Kotlin code. Intended for assembling small code patches.

Blog post: Assembly Programming in Kotlin
Source: Github


Game Boy emulator written in Kotlin. Currently done are CPU emulation and integrated debugger. Uses libGDX for rendering backend and my library VisUI to create debugger UI.

Blog post: What I Learned From Game Boy Emulator Development
Source: Github


Game editor for LibGDX.

VisEditor UI is made completely on LibGDX scene2d.ui. It uses my custom skin-library: VisUI.

Source: Github


VisUI allows to create nice looking UI in LibGDX using scene2d.ui. Library contains scene2d.ui skin and UI widget classes like FileChooser, PopupMenu, MenuBar, DialogUtils. It also contains modified scene2d.ui widgets that provides extra functionality like background change on mouse over, focus borders etc.

Source: Github
Documentation: Github Wiki


Simple library for taking screenshots from Java applications, before capture user can select screen area that he want to capture.

Demo: GIF
Source and documentation: Github


Instant messaging app with full communication encryption, requires server. Users are recognized using public RSA keys. Current version is pretty usable and stable, however it still requires some more work.

Source: Github


Editor for creating dialogs for RPG games. Project abandoned.

Source: Github


Game that main goal was to avoid incoming obstacles, player controlled triangle that can only move up and down.

Google Play


Program I wrote to make creating and sharing screenshots easier. After creating screenshot it could be edited using built in editor and then uploaded to Google Drive, then you could get link to it to share it or get link that could be embedded on a website or forum. It was available to download for some time but I don’t think somebody used it, that doesn’t mater, I made it for myself.

Sorry, no screenshot for it.

Flying Lights

Live wallpaper for Android. “Watch beautiful lights flying through your screen” or something like that. It was for a while in Google Play but I decided to remove it, code was bad and poorly optimized.

LibGDX 3D Model Viewer

Not much here to say, just a simple model viewer.

Source: Github
Video: Youtube


My useful classes for LibGDX. It has got utilities for rendering text, converting numbers, colors, implementing scene system, adding on screen analogs, accessors for TweenEgine etc.

Source: Github


Enigma cipher machine implemented in Java, my first program that used GUI.

While Enigma code was pretty good and allowed to configure all things that can be changed in original Enigma machine. GUI code was just well… bad. Besides being badly written in general, it used absolute layout and ugly default Swing theme. It was one of my first app in Java after switching to it from C++.

Source: Github

Stuff from learning C++

Few simple console programs and games in C++ such as: Paint, Minesweeper, Sudoku, very simple RPG, Snake.