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VisUI 1.0.1 Released

VisUI 1.0.1 was released which fixes few bugs and GWT issue.

Version: 1.0.1 (LibGDX 1.9.2)

  • Added: ListView#getListAdapter()
  • Added: ListView#rebuildView() and UpdatePolicy.MANUAL
  • Added: Draggable#setDeadzoneRadius
  • Fixed: Not being able to resize window with TabbedPane
  • Fixed: OptionDialog not modal by default
  • Fixed: SimpleListAdapter not working on GWT
  • Fixed: VisCheckBox focus border appeared was displayed in wrong place when using Cell#growX()
  • Changed: DragPane: LimitChildren listener now never rejects own children, even when max children amount is achieved.
  • API Changed: ListView#getMainTable() now returns ListViewTable<ItemT> instead of VisTable
  • API Changed: Added ListAdapter.add(ItemT)