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VisEditor 0.3.0 Released

VisEditor 0.3.0 was released. This release is aimed at cleaning up and improving runtime API so there aren’t many new editor features. Those will be added in upcoming 0.3.1. Some biggest changes:

  • Runtime API was cleaned up and improved, components classes were renamed.
  • Bigger control of how Scene systems are loaded, eg. you can set priorities and disable built-in systems.
  • Editor scenes are now saved using JSON format.
  • You can store multiple assets types in single directory.
  • Runtime was updated to latest Artemis 1.2.1 (0.2.x were running on 0.13.x) and libGDX 1.7.1

If you have existing 0.2.x project then you will need to convert it. There are quite many breaking API changes but it should not be very hard to update. See runtime changes for starting point.

As always please report any issues you have found, especially those in 0.2.x project converter. Enjoy!

Useful links:

If you need 0.2.x support: