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Status of VisEditor 0.3.0

Hi everyone, this is an update about what’s happening with VisEditor development. It’s been quite some time since last version release so I decided it would be good to tell you what’s going on.

First things first, I haven’t stopped working on 0.3.0 so you don’t need to worry :) Next version (0.3.0) is being made in separate branch, I try to push something new every day. It simply takes a lot of time and don’t forget I’m working on this project alone. I still fix bugs in 0.2.5, I try to do it the next day they are reported and you if you look in repository issues page you will see that there isn’t any reported bug. I’m sure 0.3.0 will be released somewhere in the middle of December.

Let’s take a quick look on biggest changes:

  • You can now mix assets types in single directory, previously each asset type had to be stored in one single directory (eg. music files in ‘music’ directory) but not anymore. You can store what you want where you want however they are some limitations. Eg. you can’t store music and sound in single directory so first you have to mark it as music root, this is very nicely displayed in UI: Directories can also be sorted. If you mark directory as Spine animation you will see most important files at the top:
  • Scene are now saved in JSON. It’s qutie big change, VisEditor scenes becomes a lot more VCS friendly, now it’s simple to store scenes in eg. Git repository and see what changed between commits. It also simplified how plugins can save additional scene data.
  • Updated to latest Artemis 1.2.1. VisEditor 0.2.5 is running on old 0.13.1. There will be some API changes but it shouldn’t be too hard to update.
  • Those are changes you wouldn’t notice: I refactored editor source structure, I have also completely rewritten selection system in editor, it’s now much simpler to work with entities selection.
  • And of course I fixed bugs that I found during making 0.3.0.

Those are all things I had done already but there are still some tasks left. There will be API changes in VisRuntime but it shouldn’t be too hard to update, and I will provide an project converter for VisEditor 0.2.5/0.2.6-SNAPSHOT projects.