import com.kotcrab.Brain;


So this is the page that I should write something about me, well my name is Paweł Pastuszak, I live in Poland, I started learning programming 5 years ago, my first language was C++ after few months I switched to Java mainly because I wanted to make a game for Android. Initially I used AndEngine but later I moved to LibGDX, creating on AndEninge is just slow. LibGDX turned out to be really great and easy to use, creating games and apps is super fast because it allows to run and debug game on desktop. Obviously I didn’t finish that game because it was too big project for one beginner though Java remained my main programming language.

What I like to do? Programming obviously, I also like reading books and manga, playing games, watching anime, nothing special. I’m also a little interested in electronics.

English is not my first language so here and there might be small mistakes, sorry for that!

Contact me!

Email: contact in domain kotcrab.com
IRC: Kotcrab on irc.freenode.net (you can find me in #libgdx)

Where you can find me?


I don’t really know what else I could write here so if you have a question just ask!